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Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed below, just send us an e-mail and we will answer it just as soon as possible as we are out fishing everyday and it may take us a a day or two to respond.

Q:  What should I bring ?

A:  You should bring a camera to record that big catch when it happens.

Q:  How should I dress ?

A:  You should dress in layers, the bay can sometimes be a little chilly in the mornings.

Q:  Will I get seasick ?

A:  Sea sick is never an issue for fishing in the bays. If you are worried about getting sick you should take Dramamine or Bonine for sickness.  Take a pill the night before to get your body adjusted to the pill.  Our charter fishes the bay most of the time (winter thru spring) and we go out in the ocean in the summer months when the weather is better.
Q:  Do I have to bring a lunch ?

A:  Fortunately the California Dawn has a full galley with a large menu to choose from.  Along with that, we offer soft drinks and water as well and free coffee on board.  You may bring a lunch if you choose to do so. Packed lunches usually get thrown away, the California Dawn chef (Tawny) makes sure you have a great meal everytime. We do not sell alcoholic beverages on the boat.  Special arrangements can be made for large groups and charters only.  Arrangements must be made at least one week prior to the trip.
Q:  Can I rent a fishing rod & tackle ?

A:  Yes, you can rent gear on the boat and fishing rods.  We have licenses on the boat but recommend you get them in the baitshop/tackle store (Berkeley Marina Sport Center) and you can also purchase your tackle there. Recommended.
Q:  What is the youngest age child I can bring on the trip ?

A:  The youngest age is usually around seven.  Although there is no age requirements on board larger charter boats like the California Dawn.  We recomend that if you bring a youngster that they be tall enough to hold a fishing pole at the rail.  We enjoy having kids onboard the boat as it is a great experience for the whole family.
Q:  How do I make a reservation ?

A:  It is simple to make a reservation.  All you need is a credit card number for groups of three or more and a specific day you wish to go out fishing.  Call our number here at (510) 417-5557 or (510) 773-5511. We don't take reservations over the web, but I do answer inquires.  Walk on's the day of the trip are always welcome if we have availability.

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